Gomorrah & Caesarea

Jesus conversed with tax collectors late at night, he visited the homes of those that the religious called “sinners,” and around a table on the night he was betrayed he broke bread and poured wine while declaring, “This is me, for you.” Sharing at Jesus’ common table reminds us that God sustains everything, includes everyone, and is drawing us all together to feast as one. This sermon series therefore intends to elevate our Christian vision of hospitality by pondering ancient stories that cast anti-hospitality and hospitality narratives. Our hope is that these stories awaken in us divine love that facilitates a way of living that recognizes God’s sustenance, makes room for others, and urges us toward generosity and self-giving.

Valuing Inclusion (All Saints' Day)

As many of us return to more consistent pace and pattern, after summer, it can be helpful to remember and reflect upon why we do what we do. This sermon series therefore intends to remind us of the rhythms that we are intentionally cultivating together and it celebrates our values, which define the fundamental elements of our essence and character.