The Season after Pentecost

According to the church calendar, Ordinary Time is the time in between liturgical seasons. Rather than meaning common or mundane, the term “ordinary” (derived from the Latin root ordo) denotes ordered or counted time (First Sunday, Second Sunday, etc.). The period of Ordinary Time after Pentecost marks the passage of time between Trinity Sunday and Christ the King Sunday, which is the final Sunday of the liturgical year. During this portion of Ordinary Time, we focus on transformation and growth, which are symbolized by fresh flowers and green linens on the altar.

Current Series

Rhythms and Values

As many of us return to more consistent pace and pattern, after summer, it can be helpful to remember and reflect upon why we do what we do. This sermon series therefore intends to remind us of the rhythms that we are intentionally cultivating together and it celebrates our values, which define the fundamental elements of our essence and character.

Series Outline

September 30: Cultivating Rhythms of Sacred Story & Common Table

October 7: Cultivating Divine Love

October 14: Supporting Pearl’s Work

October 21: Valuing Integration

October 28: Valuing Gratitude

November 4: Valuing Inclusion

November 11: Valuing Peace

November 18: Valuing Renewal & Transformation

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