During Epiphany we intentionally notice and listen to the “other” whom God has welcomed to God’s feast along with us. In the spirit of Epiphany, we are gathered around the altar, which is a table set for a feast where God welcomes and includes everyone. The presence of Christ, symbolized by the Christ candle, burns brightly at the center. The star lantern continues to remind us of God’s revelation to and inclusion of strangers both near and far.

Current Series

Voices From the Wilderness

In Epiphany the church basks in the light of Christ revealed to us. Yet simultaneously we live in a world divided by difference, riven by power structures that alienate and marginalize. To our surprise, the light of God shines upon us from the other, as God listens attentively to the voice of cries from the wilderness. In showing his mercy to the oppressed, God is revealed to them in ways the powerful do not know, so that our salvation is wrapped up into listening to their voices.

This sermon series situates us as attentive listeners to marginalized theological voices that offer the wisdom of community and belonging to our fracturing power structures. After laying a theological groundwork for attentive, non-reactive listening to marginal experiences of God, we will train our attention on three voices that are too often diminished at the table in American Christianity. From the voice of Native American theology, we will the witness of the Harmony Way. From the voice of Ecotheology, we will hear the witness of creation. From the voice of Womanist theology, we will the witness of community and table.

Series Outline

January 13th, Second Sunday after Epiphany
A Biblical Theology of Listening

January 20th, Third Sunday after Epiphany
Voices from the Wilderness IV, The Harmony Way: The Witness of Native American Theology

January 27th, Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Voices from the Wilderness V, Earthkeeping: The Witness of Ecotheology

February 3rd, Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Voices from the Wilderness VI, Sharing the Table: The Witness of Womanist Theology

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Sermons from Voices from the Wilderness 2018