Education Opportunities

 At Pearl we encourage deep thought, honest questions, and a posture of intellectual and emotional humility, willingness to grow and rethink and hear the perspective of the Other (whoever our culture and time deems “Other”, marginal, excluded from conversation). Our Educational events provide a forum for exploring faith, culture, and ideas with a focus beyond what we can give on a Sunday morning.

Educational Galas

During the school year we offer a monthly Educational Gala. These events, usually on Sunday after church, are opportunities to discuss practical, theological, and biblical topics that we aren't able to cover on Sunday mornings or in home groups. Each 90-minute seminar is followed by time to gather and share in conversation. As it becomes available, more information on upcoming Educational Galas can be found in Events or by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

Past seminars have explored: Contemplative Prayer; Trauma-Informed Care; Perspectives on Hell and Universalism; Modern Christian Marriage and Relationships; Accommodation & Trajectory in the Bible, and more.

Book Groups

One Sunday a month following the service, Pastor Mike leads a book discussion. A book is selected in advance and participants gather to discuss how to understand and be shaped by the sacred story that is illuminated in that book selection. More information on upcoming book discussions can be found in Events or by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

Upcoming Events