Kids Volunteers

Offered during our service, “Pearl Kids” provides a theologically robust, developmentally sensitive, and liturgically oriented program. On Sundays, community, music, the scriptures, play, activity, prayer, and Eucharist are woven into a rich and textured experience that cultivates the love of God and the ways of Jesus in our kid’s hearts, minds, and lives. This happens through a committed team of Pearl adults, who work with our families, to nurture our kids in the sacred practices and rhythms of being church together. 
Pearl Kids is a church-sized dream. Will you be part of it with us? Will you see, engage, and love Pearl Kids as important members of our church? Will you pray for our kids, volunteers, and the Pearl Kids’ work? Will you serve as a teacher in Pearl Kids? Investing in Pearl Kids will take time, commitment, and heart. It will involve learning, practicing, and growing in how we teach and shape children, but very often it is those things that are the most worth doing that cost us something. Participating in Pearl Kids could be one of the most meaningful and sacred things you spend your life doing. We need all kinds of people:

  • People to be a part of babies’ first impressions of church and God by loving and caring for them.

  • People to be part of toddlers loving church by providing a fun and familiar environment as you teach them some of the most basic truths about their faith.

  • People who are gifted teachers to teach the main lesson.

  • People with shepherd hearts to lead small group discussions with kids about the lesson and participate in responding to it.

  • People who love kids and want to be involved to serve as assistants and help with crafts, snack, and activities.

Questions, or interested in participating? Contact Pastor Becca.