Sermons at Pearl seek to engage the ancient stories, poems, and letters in the Bible through imaginative oration that rouses our wholeness as human beings. The act of the sermon at Pearl is space to ponder the sacred, opportunity to consider the mystery and love of God, and provocation to slow down, to think deeply, and to be stirred and inspired to bountifully live.

Current series: Galatians' Glory

This sermon series explores an ancient letter that remains relevant for Christians today, who like the Galatians, come to realize that their Christianity is not actually representative of Jesus’ good news to the world. The apostle Paul is indignant with the churches in Galatia because they have turned from a gospel of grace to a gospel of works. According to Paul, this means that the Galatians have forsaken good news and replaced it with bad news. He therefore writes a letter to remind the Galatians about the good news of Jesus and to compel them to return to a gospel of grace. This series therefore intends to do the same: to remind us that Jesus’ gospel is deeply good, and to compel us to live abundant lives enveloped and animated by glorious grace.

Recent series

Pondering Divinity

This sermon series intends to ponder divinity. To be clear, the point of this series isn’t to boil divinity down to fifteen points, or one hundred points, or one thousand points – as if we can exhaust definition for the ineffable. Nor is this series an attempt at explaining God in systematic theology categories such as communicable and incommunicable attributes. That’s been done before and it’s often onerous, which ironically, doesn’t feel very divine. Instead, this series seeks to delight in pondering crazy, confusing, beautiful, and textured attempts at understanding and appreciating ultimate reality, by considering ancient stories and thoughts about God in the Hebrew scriptures and in the New Testament.

An Ode to Easter: Eastertide 2018

An ode seeks to celebrate a particular subject in the form of a song or poem. In this same spirit, this sermon series intends to offer odes to several Easter themes that encourage our celebration of the sheer glory of Easter. Those themes that we will seek to laud will include gardens, peace, repentance, care, fruit, and love. Our hope in celebrating these themes however, is more than joy or thanksgiving. It is participation. We desire these themes to have meaning, relevance, and consequence for our community in this season of Easter, 2018.