Home Group team members cultivate our rhythms in their respective home groups and care for those in their groups.

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Linda & Bart Bergquist

Bart and Linda Bergquist met at church camp in 1975. Married since 1982, they have attended the Pearl Church for over eleven years.  Bart is a contractor and entrepreneur. Linda is a Revenue Cycle Performance Improvement manager for Kaiser Permanente.  In their spare time, they enjoy movies, urban hiking, and exploring new restaurants. They’ve hosted home groups, famous for their theme-based potlucks(!!!) since 2008. 


Ryan Brunelle

Ryan has been part of the Pearl Church community for 11 years. During that time he has served in Pearl Kids, co-hosted Sunday services, and co-facilitated David’s Men (a two year discipleship group). Ryan’s home group meets in NW Portland on Tuesday evenings and it includes people of various backgrounds. The group usually discusses the sermon and makes space for prayer together. Each term, the group aims to do a service project and a social night, in lieu of meeting.

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Marcus & Angie Chiodo

Marcus and Angie are thrilled to be hosting a baby and toddler friendly small group - with all the perks and chaos that one would expect with such a group. The Chiodo’s started at Pearl Church in 2008 (for a short stay secondary to an out-of-state move). They returned to Portland from Detroit in 2014 with their first of two daughters, Eva, and have subsequently added her best friend Lucia. With Angie working as a Nurse-Midwife and Marcus as an Emergency Physician, you may not see them frequently on Sunday mornings, but they have been hosting a weekly young(er) families home group for over a year now. The group is full of adorable little people, laughter, tears and yummy food - a special time for the whole family to share in the joys and tribulations of raising young children. Childcare is provided for a short time (when enough families can come) so that the adults can get a window of engaged conversation during a weekly themed potluck style dinner. 


Julie Garner

Julie has lived in Portland her whole life and deeply loves this city. She’s been at Pearl Church about two years and believes connecting through community is at the core of living, growing and being known. Joining a home group is joining a family—being “home.” Julie is a professional photographer, an avid reader, lover of music, food and culture, and the great outdoors. As a disclaimer, this home group is known for extracurricular activities, so be prepared for fun and other shenanigans!


Dan & Cheri Gilbert

Dan and Cheri Gilbert met almost 35 years ago, have been married since 1983, and have two grown daughters. Dan is a CPA specializing in business valuations and forensic accounting. Cheri is a retired general contractor and now helps out Dan when needed, volunteers, has a passion for cooking, and pretty much keeps the Gilbert family moving smoothly. Both Dan and Cheri have been believing Christians since they were young and they have a heart for bringing Jesus’ love to their community. They’ve been attending Pearl since they moved downtown and they became members in 2014. Dan also helps with the Finances at Pearl while Cheri also shops for and helps with the Neighbors Food Pantry.


David & Constantino Khalaf

To Dave and Tino, Pearl Church and Portland are synonymous. They began attending the church soon after their move to the city in Spring 2015, and it instantly felt like home. No one even teased them about coming from Los Angeles and New York, respectively. When they married in May 2016, they were honored to be surrounded by their Pearl family. Tino is active in the Neighbors and Liturgy teams—if you see a typo in the bulletin, feel free to call him out on it. David helps with the monthly Pearl Court pantry, serves in Kid’s Church and is a member of the Oversight team; he used to lead a small group at his old church, and believes home groups are the heart of church community. They are both writers, and together they maintain a blog about the joys and challenges of being a same-sex couple in a Christ-centered marriage.


Carrie Kondor

Carrie has been a part of Pearl Church for over seven years and recently started a home group in NE Portland, co-leading with Vanieca Kraus.  Carrie is married to Andrew and together they have a three-year-old daughter, Natalie.  Their home group has a mix of people, many with active, young children.  Carrie is a professor at Concordia University, busy training prospective elementary teachers and reading specialists.  She enjoys cooking, and one night decided to cook for the home group.  Since then, the group has decided to rotate bringing dinner to share with one another.  After enjoying a meal, the kids play while the group discusses the sermon.  We also aim to enjoy at least one social event per season.  Andrew and Carrie enjoy biking around NE Portland and exploring the restaurant scene, going to parks with Natalie, and gardening. 


Ginny McClelland

Ginny has been a part of Pearl Church for over a decade and a member of her home group since 2009. Ginny is married to Jim and together they have four sons. Jim’s two sons, Drew 17 and Ethan 15, and together Theron 3 and Ford 1. While busy being a mom she also is an artist having studied at Seattle Pacific University and does Graphic Design, Hand Lettering, and illustration. You might also find her whipping up some coffee at Peet’s a couple days per week. Ginny and Jim love to spend time together doing almost anything. They love running, new adventures, camping, and spending time with friends and family. If there is a word to describe Ginny it would be loving. Each year her home group rotates who leads. This year Ginny is leading and her goal is to care for and serve the members of her home group in a way that helps them know how special they are.