Recognizing that we are called to be good neighbors, Pearl Church is intentionally building relationship with our neighbors next door at the Pearl Court Apartments, which is a mixed-income apartment building of 200 residents.

Our Approach
Because we value authentic community, we are committed to developing this relationship and investing in this community for the long-term. We don’t see this as a “service opportunity” where we are the givers and the residents are the receivers. Rather, this is a dynamic relationship where we all are active participants that teach each other about life and how to live life in community.

As a result, we respect each other’s lived experience and interests. We do not show up with an agenda, but genuinely desire to meet people where they are at – showing care and respect for their choices, values, and current place in life. Our relationships and activities strive to be sustainable by balancing the capacity of volunteers, empowering leadership in residents, and meeting felt needs.

Current Activities
We currently offer a monthly food pantry, as well as a monthly dinner and activity that is jointly produced with residents and church volunteers.

We are always looking for more people to get involved and take leadership roles (both from Pearl Church and Pearl Court). These can either be one-time volunteers, or on an on-going basis. Current opportunities:

  • Food pantry helper: We currently open the pantry the 4th Thursday of every month in the Pearl Court lobby. Helpers are needed to chat with residents waiting in line, help them select food items, and pack grocery bags.

  • Cook for monthly dinners: We serve dinner the 4th Saturday of the month at 6pm in the Pearl Court lobby. Cooks are needed to prepare food at home (enough for 40 people); option to stay and help serve at the dinner.

  • Activity leaders for monthly dinners: Some kind of social or educational activity is offered directly following the monthly dinner. Leaders are needed to coordinate activities, such as board games, crafts, speakers, or sing-alongs.

  • General volunteers for monthly dinners: Extra volunteers are always needed to help set-up and tear-down, serve dinner, talk with residents, and participate in activities. Kids are welcome.

Upcoming Neighbors activities

Questions, or interested in participating? Contact our Neighbors Team.