Formation is the intentional, on-going, whole-person process of growing into wholeness in our relationship to self, others, and to the Divine. It is not a burden, a set of tasks or practices, rules or demands; rather, formation is a way of living, opening ourselves more and more to the invitation of connection with God.

Throughout the year, we'll be providing teaching, activities, experiments - all in relationship - to help us renarrate our stories about ourselves and the divine, form new life-giving habits, and experience our belonging in community.

This year’s formation rhythm will launch in October. To keep in the loop, sign up for updates below!

Levels of Engagement

We all have different demands and circumstances that affect the balance of our life. Young professionals, parents with small children, single parents, empty nesters - each will have very different margins and availability to engage. That’s why we design our formation opportunities to allow engagement in the way that works best for your stage of life.

If you’re in a place that allows high engagement, we’ll have monthly classes, follow-up activities and relational gatherings that support and deepen our transformation as we progress through the year’s curriculum. But if you can only join us occasionally, that’s perfectly fine too. And if you can’t add more events to your calendar in this season, we’ll be making audio recordings and handouts available online and as a podcast so you can follow along at home.

 Upcoming Events