Pearl Church

Visual Arts

Visual Arts partners with Pearl’s music, preaching, and liturgy teams to help shape the content and tone of our weekly worship services. Together, we seek to cultivate a sacred story and common table by designing experiences that are rooted in the “Great Tradition” of the church. We work with scripture, art, music, ritual, color, space, sound, silence, light, and technology to create “thin places” where the veil between heaven and earth fades, allowing us to experience both the transcendence and immanence of God.

To this end, we rely on the talents and gifts of individuals and families who serve in the following capacities:

  • Lectors proclaim the Word of God during the liturgy.
  • Acolytes light candles and assist with the liturgy.
  • Altar Servers distribute the bread and wine during Eucharist.
  • Gift Bearers bring the offering to the altar during worship.
  • Ushers help people find seats in the sanctuary.
  • Sacristans prepare the sanctuary and altar worship.
  • Sextons clean up the sanctuary and altar after worship.
  • Sartors sew paraments and vestments for use in the liturgy.
  • Launderers clean and press the linens for use on the altar.
  • Vintners supply the wine for communion.
  • Bakers prepare home-made bread for communion following a specific recipe. (Note: we would also provide gluten-free wafers at each station.)
  • Chandlers furnish beeswax candles for the altar and sanctuary lamp.
  • Florists provide flower arrangements for the altar.
  • Artisans craft objects and environments for use in worship.

Questions, or interested in participating? Contact Pastor Brian Cheney at .