Pearl Church


Eucharist is a sign of God’s grace—at the table, we participate in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and even more, in one of the great mysteries of our faith, we encounter the Christ.

Scripture abounds with Eucharistic tastes and tokens: the Passover meal; wine at Cana; the feeding of the masses; hearts awakened near Emmaus; and that beautiful vision of a diverse humanity gathering as one to celebrate union with their Lord. Here is a loving God, eternally self-giving on behalf of all creation. Eucharist truly links us to the heart and whole of the Christian story.

The exact nature of the Eucharistic meal has been contested throughout Christian history. At Pearl we embrace the magnitude and mystery this wrestling lays bare. It is an act of corporate recollection, declaration, anticipation, and celebration—and it is much, much more. It is the focal point of our physical space and the high point of the drama that unfolds each Sunday morning. Jesus loves all and gives himself for all, and thus, at Pearl, all are welcome at the table of our Lord.