Pearl Church

Oversight Team

photo of David Khalaf
David Khalaf
Oversight Team Member

David has attended Pearl Church since 2015 and has led a home group with his husband, Constantino, since 2017. They were drawn to Pearl’s culture of authenticity and vulnerability, and its community of people willing to ask tough questions to understand Christ’s love in ever more radical and amazing ways. A writer by trade, David spends his free time blogging about marriage with Constantino and working on his series of historical fantasy novels.

photo of Karyn Lush
Karyn Lush
Oversight Team Member

Karyn has attended Pearl Church since 2011 and led a home group for four years before joining the Oversight Team. Karyn works in digital product management and likes to travel, visit National Parks, hike and run.

photo of Mike Roth
Mike Roth
Oversight Team Member

Mike is a native of Portland who has been part of Pearl since its inception in 2001. He is passionate about shaping a thoughtful community of faith that’s animated by the story of scripture and the life of Jesus. Some of Mike’s values are story, intellectual honesty, a diverse community and perspective, and making space in relationship for curiosity, complexity, convictions, and mystery. He believes that these values contribute to an engaging community that nurtures our fullness as human beings. His hope for Pearl is that it would be an oasis for those seeking contemporary, cultural, and resonant meaning in the scriptures, Jesus, and Christian life together.

photo of Mindy Durias
Mindy Durias
Oversight Team Member

Mindy first came to Pearl Church in 2002 with her husband, Ian, and their two young children.  Over the last 13 years their family has grown to five children, that she teaches at home. Collectively, the Durias’s have been involved in nearly every ministry of the church.
Mindy loves reading, singing, running and has a passion for sharing life and community with others. She’s inspired by authors Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating and Ann Voskamp.

photo of Mo Hawthorne
Mo Hawthorne
Oversight Team Member

Mo has been at Pearl Church since 2005. She and her husband Rob, both California natives, moved to Portland so Mo could attend Lewis and Clark Law School.  Twelve years and counting, she finds herself a true Portlander who enjoys food from carts, the natural beauty of the area, and the occasional rainy day.  If you don’t see her sitting in church, you can usually find her holding babies in the church nursery.  Mo loves yoga, trying to be a runner, and has a passion for sharing a meal with friends and family.