Pearl Church

Winter Education Gala

Description: Educational Galas are opportunities to discuss practical, theological, and biblical topics that we aren't able to cover on Sunday mornings or in home groups. Each 90-minute seminar is followed by time to gather and share in conversation. Refreshments will be provided. To help us prepare resources, please contact to choose one of the following seminars to attend:

Trauma-Informed Community: Going Deeper
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the ways our brain and neurological system adapt in the face of traumatic experiences and how those adaptations can adversely affect our relationships. We will consider ways our woundedness can be unexpectedly triggered as we engage others who have similar woundings. In addition, we will consider the challenge of "church-induced" trauma, and contemplate ways we can be a community that encourages healing. It is through relationships that we can find both the Healer and healing. Facilitated by Krys Springer, MA.

Que(e)rying Discipleship: Tradition and Queer Theology
Discipleship is instituted by Jesus: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:19-20). Discipleship aims to immerse individuals in the reign of God through worship, embodied disciplines, and apprenticeship to serve the ways of the Kingdom. However, as discipleship privileges tradition over the “apprentice” or disciple, does it inadvertently silence the voice of the minority who might contest the traditional interpretation of the reign of God revealed in Christ? In this session we will explore how queer theology can offer a helpful critique of tradition. Developing out of the “transgressive” experiences of LGBT individuals, queer theology is self-consciously transgressive of norms and aims to erase boundaries. We will see how the critique of queer theology should encourage Christian discipleship to move from “master and apprentice” models toward an “exemplar and novice” model which sees both community and “outsider” as engaged in mutual formation and genuine conversation. Facilitated by Ben Barczi.

Sacred Story
At Pearl Church, we say that we are “shaped by a sacred story,” which casts our vision—it shapes our language, orients our hearts, and directs the ways that we mark our days and live out our lives here on earth. With this in mind, this seminar seeks to provide a practical orientation to the nature and function of the Bible so that it can meaningfully give shape, orientation, and direction to our lives. By simplifying and combining content from previous Ed Galas, this seminar will focus on accommodation, which offers us a lens to appreciate difficult and often violent texts in their ancient context, and trajectory, which can help us to appreciate the progression of human consciousness in the Bible. Going further, trajectory will then move us beyond the Bible, to try and discern the movement(s) of the Divine in the world today. Facilitated by Pastor Mike.

  • When:

    Wednesday, March 14, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

  • Where:

    The Studio (old Patagonia space), at Ecotrust