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Spring Educational Gala

Description: Educational Galas are opportunities to discuss practical, theological, and biblical topics that we aren't able to cover on Sunday mornings or in home groups. Each 90-minute seminar is followed by time to gather and share in conversation. Refreshments will be provided. To help us prepare, please and let us know which seminar you plan to attend.

Practicing Faith with Kids in Developmentally Informed Ways.
Developmental theory offers valuable insight into how we grow–what particular gifts and challenges each stage holds, and how to navigate them with those we love in ways that lead to deeper wholeness. This seminar will consider Erikson’s stages of emotional development, which describe the development of our sense of self, as well as Fowler’s stages of faith development, which describe how we make meaning. We’ll be specifically looking at how these theories inform (1) how we engage with and shepherd the kids in our lives, and (2) how we can practice faith with them in ways that are deeply meaningful to them and contribute to their developing sense of self. Facilitated by Becca McMartin, who serves as our Pastor of Children.

Path(s) to Integration: The Enneagram in Christian Spirituality
At Pearl Church, one of our core values is Integration—to discover how, by Divine Love, everything belongs. And yet our personal experience is often of fragmentation and disintegration. The early desert mothers and fathers spoke of nine logosmoi, thoughts or passions that obsess our attention and turn us against the imago dei within us. While one tradition of the church hardened these into seven deadly sins, an older wisdom was preserved in the tradition of the Enneagram, which helps us discern: what questions, passions, and even strengths tend to lead me to disintegration, and how does the Gospel bring integration into my particular personality? The Enneagram explores how our God is inviting us to relax into a whole, integrated self. In this workshop we’ll explore the history and use of the Enneagram, get a sense of how it speaks to us personally, and discuss particular practices that help each personality move toward integration with God. Facilitated by Ben Barczi, member at Pearl Church, leader of our Home Group ministry, and spiritual director.

Perspectives on Purgatory, Annihilation, Eternal Punishment, and Exclusive Universalism
If you've found yourself confused, worried, frustrated, or uncertain about the concept and meaning of hell, this seminar is for you. In this seminar, we will begin by overviewing the four primary perspectives on hell, and then pay particular attention to the texts and arguments underlying the exclusive universalist perspective. Facilitated by Mike Roth, who serves as our Lead Pastor.

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    Saturday, May 5, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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