Pearl Church

Fall Education Gala

Description: Our Educational Galas are great opportunities to consider and discuss practical, theological, and biblical topics that we aren't able to cover on Sunday mornings or in Home Groups. Each seminar is ninety minutes, followed by space for participants from the various seminars to gather together and share in conversation. Snacks and drinks will be provided. To help us prepare seating and resources, please contact to let us know which of the following three seminars you plan to attend:

Trauma-Informed Community: Pathways for Deeper Empathy
Pearl Church strives to be a community “where there is space for every part of you.” For many of us, traumatic experiences have been part of what has shaped us into the persons we are today. While the details of the experiences vary from person to person, there are often similarities in how those experiences have shaped our brain, and as a result, our ability to connect to others. Participants in this workshop will gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which our brain and neurological system often adapt in the face of traumatic experiences and how those adaptations can adversely affect our relationships. We will also consider ways in which our woundedness, explored or unexplored, can be unexpectedly triggered as we engage with others who have similar places of wounding. Finally, we will look at tools that we can continue to develop as a community in order to become a community with deeper empathy for each other. It is through relationships--a tangible expression of the body of Christ--that we can find both the Healer and healing. Facilitated by Krys Springer, member at Pearl Church, Professor of Developmental Psychology, and developing Chaplain.

Contemplative Prayer
Here at Pearl Church, we desire to be shaped by a sacred story and to share at a common table, which awaken us to God, who is love. As we awaken to divine love, we grow and are transformed--for this love evokes human flourishing. One way that we can awaken to divine love is through contemplative prayer. In this seminar we will explore and practice several of the common prayer practices that have shaped followers of Christ for centuries. Our time will include a brief teaching on Lectio Divina, Breath Prayer, and Centering Prayer. Then, we will spend time praying and debriefing our experience with these prayer practices. Lastly, we'll close our time with any questions that the group may have. Facilitated by Mindy Durias, Oversight Team member.

Our Sacred Story
At Pearl Church, we say that we are “shaped by a sacred story.” By saying this we intend to mean that this sacred story, as it is depicted in the Bible, casts our vision—it shapes our language, orients our hearts, and directs the ways that we mark our days and live out our lives here on earth. However, there are so many books and characters and words in the Bible that it’s easy to lose the story! Furthermore, that which is written in the Bible can often be confusing and frustrating. Did God really create the earth in six days? Did God really command Israel to annihilate women, children, and animals in the book of Joshua? Why does the God of the Old Testament appear to be so different from the God who is revealed through Jesus in the gospels? To help identify our sacred story, and to help alleviate some of the confusion and frustration that the Bible can create, the aim of this seminar is fourfold. First, it will overview each book in the Bible. Second, it will situate each book into an overarching framework that distinguishes between those that progress the story and those that don’t. Third, it will explain two different approaches to the Bible: harmonization and accommodation. Finally, it will propose a "lens of trajectory" through which we can better appreciate the function of the Bible today, in the year 2017. Facilitated by Mike Roth, Lead Pastor.

  • When:

    Wednesday, November 1, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

  • Where:

    Ecotrust, former Patagonia space