Pearl Church

Book Discussion

Description: Pearl Church is shaped by a sacred story. However, is this story to be read literally? Is it to be read metaphorically? How are we supposed to read, understand, and be shaped by our sacred story? More specifically, how are we to understand and appreciate what the Bible has to say about creation and its fall, in the first three chapters of Genesis? In John H. Walton’s book titled, The Lost World of Adam and Eve, we are given insight into these foundational stories, in context to the ancient world through which they were written. Though challenging territory, Walton’s extensive knowledge of the ancient Near Eastern world is a helpful guide, that illuminates the scriptures. If you’re only able to read a few chapters, in preparation for this discussion, try reading chapters 14-17. Interested or have questions? Contact .

  • When:

    Sunday, April 15, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Where:

    Church Office